The Brief: The "Smart Picks" plan from Rogers is a good idea for students

The Idea: This plan isn't the only thing that can help students just arriving back at school. "Life hacks" have become popular online and are shared all over the place. So we brought to life some of the best ones and called them "Smart Hacks" in 4 15-second preroll ads and connected them back to our "Smart" plan.

We also created a YouTube contest where people could upload their own Smart Hacks and win a phone.

From start to finish, this was one of those ideas that could be a lot of fun. But the timing was not. We came up with this and had it shot and edited within 3 weeks. All four 15-second spots were shot in one day. And the producer had only been briefed 4 days prior.  It was all-hands-on-deck but worth all the effort.