The Brief: Rogers is faster than the other guys

The Idea: Let's sing a song about all the things you can do on Rogers faster than anyone else. Oh, and do the whole thing in one continuous take involving 2 leads and 30 extras.

This was an idea without a brief. While working on something else, my writer and I started talking about an idea where these two guys argue over whose phone is faster. Only, whatever the Rogers guy says is proven to be true right there in real life, while the other guy suffers the consequences of not having the speed of Rogers.

We kept the idea to ourselves while we crafted it and made it work. We had to write a song, so it was no easy task. But after writing, and rewriting and laughing at our own dumb jokes for far too long, we were ready. Rogers bought the idea and found the extra 200k needed to fund this.

We worked with Imprint music to write the music and before you knew it, we were off to sunny Orlando Florida to cast, scout and choreograph and shoot this crazy one-take music video. It was intense but we pulled it off. This was one of those projects where everything came together.